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A free online course on how to build a professional author website to build your audience, grow your mailing list, and sell more books.

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Welcome to the 100% free Build an Author Website online course from Writers Building Websites.
I am Stephen Gordon. I’m a digital marketer with over a decade of specialising in author marketing. I was also a Ghost Writer until the start of 2024 when I decided to start my own niche publishing company.
But this isn’t about that.
As I plan, write, and edit my first series I’ve been looking at how I’m going to market my books. Right off the bat I decided that I’d make my own website to be the heart of my author marketing strategy.
A dedicated author website is without doubt THE best way to promote and support a long term author career.
An author’s website is not dependent on the latest social media channel or trends. An author’s website is not the slave of the ever changing algorithms or sudden account bans from Amazon or Facebook.
An author’s website, just like an author’s mailing list. It belongs to them and can be shaped, tested and adjusted to attract the biggest amount of visitors and convert them into paying readers.
Let’s see what we can do with an author website.

Meet Dirk Volcano

Module 1 - Install WordPress for Authors

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Best Web Hosting for Authors

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